Friday Mood

Friday Mood

Happy Friday! This week has been pretty darn good the weather gave us a few sunny days that is all we can ask for. Well, let’s see what had me in a mood this week.

John Singleton passed:

Monday we lost another legend after suffering a stroke that put him in a coma his family decided to end his life support. This definitely hit my heart this man was a directorial genius and I will be remembering him this weekend by watching a few of his movies.

Kali and Marley turned 6 months:

It seems like yesterday I just got them my how time flies. We celebrated by taking them to Rita’s and getting them some mango ice to share.

Had an allergic reaction:

I think my blogging antics have caught up with me I have been itchy and have hives all over ugh it is the worst. I did go to the doctor and she gave me some medicine, The picture below is what started the break out 😆 it was worth it tho it’s so pretty.Vacation count down has started: Nineteen more days myrtle beach are you ready??? Me and the girls pictured below take an annual trip each year.

  • Prince Harry and Megan:

    We are still waiting for Megan to pop out the royal baby. Now I for one haven’t really been into The Royal Anything but Megan is definitely growing on me.

    Until next week. ~Koko~

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