Friday Mood

Friday Mood

Weekend Tings

I’m drained y’all I’m not even gonna lie work was exhausting today. On another note I’m excited for the weekend.

Here are Five things that had me in a mood.

1. All That Reboot: I’m stoked one of my childhood shows is coming back in June now there will be an all-new cast to appeal to The New Generation as they say but ken and kel. The original actors will be executive producing it so that’s a plus hopefully they will keep it the same. Also, some old castmates will pop in thru out season 1 with a bonus performance by the Jonas brothers. I know my blogger babe Cierra will love that she is crazy over them 😆

2. Dog Chewed My New Lamp: Kali to be exact she is the most in to something ass dog I know seriously but I would not change it for the world.

3. Duchess of Sussex Gave Birth: Megan gave birth to a beautiful baby boy May 6th she also shared a cute photo below in honor of Mothers day. There’s also a not-so-hidden gem in the picture. The background is filled with forget me nots — a nod to Prince Harry’s late mom. They were reportedly Princess Diana’s favorite flower.

Megan’s first Mother’s Day

4. Alabama Abortion Laws: I’m heated that all these men are trying to create laws for us women they know nothing of a woman’s body’s period. Now I personally don’t believe in abortions but who am I to tell someone what to do with their bodies, Especially if they were raped.

My Uterus!!! 😍

5. Vacation In 5 Days: Wednesday I leave for myrtle beach 😎 I’m already in vacation mode I doubt you will get a Friday mood next Friday but if you follow me on Instagram u can see some of my adventures.

Have a great weekend!!!

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