Adult drinks

Blueberry Watermelon mojito

I love making drinks so this is just another to add to the books. mojitos are one of the easier drinks to make, plus they are so versatile. I made this a few weeks ago after a long days work.

Ingredients for Mojito

2 Mint leaves

6-8 Blueberries

1 Slice of watermelon

Sprite or club soda (I use sprite)

1 shot of Ciroc watermelon vodka

3 tablespoons Blueberry simple syrup (I made mines check my Instagram highlight below for tutorial Video)


Muddle 2 mint leaves to the bottom of your dome glass

Add blueberry syrup

Add ice to fill to the rim

Add Ciroc Watermelon 🍉

Add blueberries and diced pieces of watermelon

Fill the rest of the cup with sprite

Stir and add a watermelon wedge and mint for garnish

Tada simple and easy the blueberry syrup video is below

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or if you just wanna chat no problem.


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