Friday Mood

This week was busy busy busy. I’m too excited for the weekend. My weekends have been full this year and I’m truly blessed.

Here are a few things that had me in a Mood this week….

Sudan 🇸🇩 Crisis: I have researched a little on the tragedy, I don’t know a lot but it is truly sad that over a hundred people have been raped, abused or murdered. I pray something is done about this situation.

Obese Mannequin Outrage: Nike’s new plus size mannequin has sparked some hatred especially from Tanya Gold her article kicked off some nasty untrue words. I won’t be reading the trash, On the other hand, I am excited Nike is thinking all around the board. They know it’s all about money and plus size sells. If we want it supply. Good job Nike Air!

Daria Spin-off: I’m super excited about this spin-off most people don’t even remember this show. Although this won’t star Daria it will be about Jodie who is African American girl and it will be voiced and produced by Tracee Ellis Ross who I adore.

Fathers Day: Me and my family will be celebrating on.the beach catching a glimpse of the Air show in Ocean City this weekend. If your still last minute on a gift check out one of my favorite bloggers Jasmine she has a blog post on what to gift your father.

My Kids Graduation: Liyah (Oldest) graduated from 8th grade and Ry (youngest) graduated from 5th grade I’m proud of both my girls and I’m excited to see them go to another school and show them how bright and talented they are.

Until next time ~Koko~

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