Friday Mood

Friday Mood

Hey my cookies! I haven’t done a Friday mood post since I left for the islands. It was really a struggle trying to get back into the swing of work after being on a cruise.

Here are a few things that had me all in a mood this week!

Kali/Marley Turned Nine Months: Every month I get a lil sad, I want them to stay babies forever even though I know that’s not gonna happen. Marley has already gone into heat at eight months I was totally shocked by that.

Hobbs Movie Came Out Today: Y’all know I love fast and the furious so this spin- off is definitely up my alley. Shall we say date night!

High School Open House: Kaliyah had her open house Tuesday. I can’t shake my head at the fact that I have a high schooler WTF ,I want time to stop right now lol.

Even though I’m a lot sad about her ever growing teenager stage, I’m still excited to see her high school journey cause middle school was so last year for her.

Random Customer Gave Me a Gift: My heart was very touched this morning being as though I had a rough start to my day. Anyways this sweet lady in my line asked me if I had kids now I’m wondering why she wants to know but I said yes two girls. She goes in her pocket and gives me a Giftcard to buy some things me and the kids needed. You never know what little things will turn your day around.

Heart Sonogram : Yesterday I went to get my heart checked on the doctor was concerned after I had my last check up. Everything seems to be fine but, I haven’t got the real results back yet I will let y’all know an update next week.

Comment and tell me something that had your mood up and down this week.