Friday Mood

Friday Mood on a Saturday

To say the least I’m very happy it’s Friday it’s been a long week and somehow I sprained my foot which I’m bummed about because I’m supposed to go dancing tonight smh.

Here are few things that had me in a mood….

1. Sleep Apnea Update: I need to go back for another test to check on the stress on my heart I don’t wanna go but I’m going.

2. Missy Elliot album: my girl dropped a surprise five track album called “Iconology.” I’m pumped it’s the rapper’s first album in 14 years.

3. Equal Pay Day: Yesterday was black Women’s Equal Payday, as a black women this day is important for me.

4. All-White Party: Me and babe are stepping out tonight it’s been a while. You can follow along on my instagram stories if you follow me there.

Have A Great Weekend