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My Travel Essentials

Hey y’all it’s been a Lil over a month since I went on my first airplane ride and now that I’m a professional, hehe I want to share with y’all somethings I packed in my travel bag.


I.D. and Passport: You need your i.d. for almost everything and you can’t leave the country without a passport.

Phone and Charger: I use my phone for emails and pictures, so definitely a must and can’t have a phone with no charger.

Journal/Pen: I always get ideas out the blue I need to write them down ASAP or I will forget

Medications: You never know when you are gonna be in pain. Also, make sure it’s labeled for you.

Hydro boost Lotion: I can’t go anywhere without this lotion it is a lifesaver. It as all the moisture I need to last for a while.

Headphones: I like to listen to my music.

Chapstick: I will not go anywhere without my chapstick I use Blistex the medicated kind, ya girl has it bad.

Snacks: I’m a foodie so you know I’m going to have a snack in my bag. I usually carry a bag of Planters Tropical Mix, Biscoff cookies or some Peanut M&M’s.

Book: Everyone knows I love to read so a book will always be in my bag. When I went on the cruise I took ETHIC by Ashley, Antoinette if you don’t know her work google her she is a very talented author and my favorite.

Money: It’s always good to have cash sometimes credit/debit cards have problems and who wants that when traveling.

Lysol Spray: I have a mini purse size can I got from Five Below and I use it for my hotel rooms or any situation that I may need it.

Add Ons:

Blanket: Because the airplanes are freezing cold.

Neck pillow: Unless u want a cramp get your one.

Maxi pads: You never know when an emergency will hit.

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