Friday Mood

Friday Mood

Its the first Friday in September and also the last month in which summer ends. I can’t say I’m quite ready for summer to be over yet so I plan on enjoying each day up until it’s over.

Here are a few things that had me in a mood this week and maybe last week too…

Missy Elliot’s VMA performance: Y’all she put her whole foot into that performance anyone who knows me knows I love Missy so, I was definitely hype about the style she brings to the stage.

Rys birthday celebration: We took Ry to Crown skating to celebrate her turning 12 she really had a good time.

Back to school Tuesday: The girls are both in school, Liyah is in the ninth grade and Ry is in the sixth grade I can’t believe how fast they are growing up.

National Folk Festival: Our second year in SALISBURY Md hosting the festival and it seems the weather will be nice this weekend get out and enjoy tons of activities, food and you can even shop local businesses.

Hurricane Dorian: He has definitely left his mark on the Bahamas and the Carolinas I will definitely be praying for those in need and trying to help as much as I can. The Bahamas need any donations anyone can spare.

NYFW 2019: Fashion week started Thursday I believe and I’m here for all the lewks on the gram.

Babies turned ten months: Kali and Marley are yet another month old they are growing just as fast as the kids lol.

Have a great weekend!