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Valentine’s Snack Board.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t know about you but for the last two years, I have been at home on Loveday.

All the restaurants are super busy and we don’t want to wait long hours to eat. If your staying home like me and want to whip up a simple romantic snack for babe this charcuterie board is just for you.



Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Mini Marshmallows

Haribo Gummies

Heart-shaped lollipops

Candy hearts

Graham Crackers

Strawberry Preserves


Charcuterie board or tray

Pink table cloth

Mini Spoon


Rose petals


1. Start by laying your table cloth out and spreading your rose petals

2. Lay your charcuterie board in the center of the table.

3. Take ramekin and place on board first it helps to assembly the rest of the ingredients easier.

4. Add your strawberry preserves to the ramekin and top it with the mini spoon then place it on the board.

5. Fill in the remainder of the board, I started with the chocolate covered pretzels followed by the mini marshmallows, cherries, graham crackers, gummy bears and then I filled in the remaining empty space with the heart-shaped candies.

6. You are not obligated to use the ingredients I used you can add anything you like.

Quick Tips

If you use anything spicy or unknown please label so your guests will know what they are eating.

All my ingredients came from Aldi and dollar tree for a total of ten dollars.

Grab some bubbly, music and candles and you have yourself a quick and affordable Valentine date.

Until next time!

Update February 2021

Snack board, I just recently did for my BFF and close friend this one had

Pita crackers

Parmesan crisp

Black Truffle crisps



Green grapes

Vodka boozeberry white cheddar cheese

Mild sharp cheddar cheese

Sunflower butter cups

Dried orange slices

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