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6 Things You Should Be Disinfecting On A Daily Basis.

Home Doorknobs

Everyone touches them multiple times a day. I make sure to spray ours at least 2 times a day.

Light Switches

We all touch light switches hundreds of times throughout the day. we spray ours every night before bed.

Refrigerator Handles

My kids live in the fridge so I spray the handles once in the afternoon and again before bed.

Bathroom Toilet

The bathroom is a high traffic area I like to spray it down with disinfectant spray at least two times a day.


Our phones are the nastiest things on the planet we set them down on dirty surfaces after touching other dirty areas all day. I like to take antibacterial hand wipes and wipe my phone off multiple times a day as we put our phones to our faces to talk.

Car (Inside and out)

Another high traffic area for almost everyone. My family practically lives in the car for appointments, work, family trips you get the point. I spray our car down once in the afternoon and once before bed so when we can have a clean vehicle in the morning. I deep spray the car from the gear shift to the radio knobs every inch of the vehicle, then I spray the outside handles and the trunk latch.

Of course, there are other things you should be wiping down daily but those are just some of the main ones I was shocked to see no one really thought about especially the cellphone.

Do you clean any of these things?

Until next time Koko

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