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6 Black Content Creators You Need In Your Life.

With everything going on in the BLACK LIVES MATTER Community I wanted to share some of my favorite black bloggers not only are they black but they are all strong black women who I think you all will benefit from. First, up is…

1. Jehava

She has no problem discussing difficult situations and she shares some pretty amazing food dishes. I stumbled across her Instagram page and I saw how down to earth she was I clicked follow and the rest was history. She doesn’t mind answering any of my questions, and I love watching her and her family travel especially to Disney World.

2. Ireana

What I like about Ireana is she’s down to earth and you really get a feel of who she is on her Instagram page. (She’s my friend in my head.) I love her taste of fashion it’s comfy, cute, and stylish. She’s also the Queen of a twist out, mines never turn out like hers. Be sure to check her out she has so many great qualities and aspects coming up.

3. Sheena

I’m grateful I discovered Sheena’s Instagram page, it doesn’t feel like it’s been a year but it has. I remember when she first announced she was pregnant I was so excited for her and her husband, Little did I know she would be having twin girls Dylan and Harper. (Instagram Auntie over here.) Furthermore, she shares her Truth and Personal Journey with us every Tuesday on her blog. She gives straight facts no chasers.

4. Rosalynn Daniels

This gorgeous wife and mother make’s some of the most unique and appetizing dishes on her blog. Her creativity astounds me. Check out Rosalynn’s Instagram it will make your mouth water. They say if Martha Stewart and Oprah had a baby it would be Rosalyn Daniels she’s that good.

5. Jazzmine

She is truly one of the kind she is a culinarian in the kitchen I think some of my favorite dishes are her baked treats and her sheet pan dishes. She can also serve up a mean drink. Oh and don’t let her look fool you she dances like Beyonce y’all! Definitely check her out if you’re in the mood to make something different and delicious. Here is her Instagram page.

6. Cierra

Cierra knows what she wants and she goes for it. She’s not afraid to try new things, she always makes a monthly bucket list and she usually fulfills most of her list. She inspires me to treat the world better not that I haven’t but just watching her recycle her compost pile is very intriguing to me.

She’s been dating recently and sharing her dating Chronicles on her Instagram page. I think it’s brave of her to share her personal ups and downs of dating with total strangers. BTW I love this picture of her she is glowing.

Man, it was hard to pick just six ladies I have soo many more maybe I will do another list soon. I actually had some of this list typed up in my drafts for months I don’t know why it to me so long to finish i, maybe the timing wasn’t right. I feel like now is the perfect moment to drop it.

I hope you all check these ladies out they all are extraordinary in many ways.

Until next time Koko!

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