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Friday Mood

This week has been draining for me and I couldn’t be happier for this weekend.

Here are five things that had me in a mood this week.

Women’s photoshop: 🌈 Me and my cousins did our annual women’s day photoshoot. This year’s thing was rainbow on the beach we decided to take a little ride down to Ocean City. It was a lot of fun seeing my cousins as we all haven’t been together in a while. we stepped out of our comfort zone and just enjoyed it. This is our third year doing the shoot. We do it every March for women’s day.

Law and order SVU: Detective stabler is back and I couldn’t be happier I love him and Olivia as a team. The first episode was exactly as I expected nothing short of amazing. Dick Wolf is a genius.

Jeannie & Jeezy: Jeannie Ma finally Married her love in a private ceremony last week I don’t know much about it but she looked gorgeous and happy.

A lot of people were upset not that she married a black man but because she did an interview a while ago saying something about the black man was meant to be the side meat and the white man should be the main. Now it does sound racial as hell but I think she didn’t word it right or at least I hope so it’s still not cute. Any congratulations to them both. 💕

DMX: Rest In Paradise….my heart is in pure pain I grew up listening to all of his songs him and the Ruff Ryders. I will be honoring his Art of music this weekend by listening to his songs. Sending lots of love and prayers to his kids and his family.

Prince Philip: Rest in paradise to Prince Philip. I’m sure the United Kingdom is hurting. I don’t know much about Royal life or The United Kingdom but I do know it’s never fun when you lose someone. Sending love and prayers across the country to his wife and family.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Mood

  1. Stabler is back?!?! NICE!! Women’s day shoot with ya fam is amazing tradition yall created💯 X forever! S/O Jeezy love is beautiful.

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