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Apple Pie Dip

I discovered this dip a few years ago when I went to West Virginia. I found a little shop and the lady had made some for guests to enjoy I fell in love, so I decided to share this with you. She had pre-made packs to buy but mine is just as close. Enjoy! CombineContinue reading “Apple Pie Dip”

Inspirational Quotes for 2021.

2021 has to be better than last year right? I started inspirational quotes last year before I knew of covid and I think it’s needed again, we all have faced a tough twelve months hopefully, these quotes will uplift and inspire you to have the best 2021 you can achieve. Safely of course. Forget YourContinue reading “Inspirational Quotes for 2021.”

D.I.Y Hot Chocolate Bar.

One thing I love about winter is creating a hot chocolate area it’s not only tasty it’s fun and I’m sure it will be the talk of the night.  What I Used! Coffee Mugs• Marshmellows Hot Chocolate  • Butter Finger Crumbles• Candy Cane Spoons • Chocolate Spoons • Crockpot (keep hot water inside) Tongs• ClearContinue reading “D.I.Y Hot Chocolate Bar.”

Stuffed Apple and Spinach Pork Chops.

These chops were the best thing I’ve had in a while they were so good I wanted seconds but I didn’t go back, I promise I used what little will power I had. Alright let’s jump into it, shall we? Ingredients: Martinelli’s apple raspberry rosé (For basting) not necessary but that’s what I used. 6Continue reading “Stuffed Apple and Spinach Pork Chops.”