Friday Mood

It’s May 1st eek time is rolling forward and quickly. IDK what summer may hold for us all but I hope everyone is being safe during this pandemic. I haven’t really talked about it much on my blog because I’m sure you have heard enough on every other outlet.


Barefoot Wine: That Apple Moscato is yummy its authentic in taste and it’s only like nine bucks.

Island Margarita: Ha-Ha you thought I was talking about a drink, not I have been loving my bath and bodyworks Margarita candle its always been a staple candle in my home especially around the spring months.

Toll House: Yes the fat girl in me is excited about these mini ice cream sandwiches. One because I never eat a whole one and two if you are a mom you can give your kids a small snack instead of a big ice cream sandwich they won’t finish.

Copycat Recipe: I tried to make Applebees Bourbon Chicken and Shrimp dish and I must say it was a hit in our home my oldest (Kaliyah) even called later to tell me it was amazing.

Copycat Meal
Apple Moscato 😍
Toll House Mini’s

Tell me one thing that had you in a mood this week, comment below.

Until next time…

Friday Mood

Twenty-twenty is flying by here we are on the last day of January. A lot has happened for my family this month and I can’t wait to keep sharing our memories with each and every one of you.


Helicopter Crash: Sunday the world was shocked at the horrible news of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, along with seven other people. I couldn’t imagine losing a husband let alone a child. My prayers will definitely be with all the families.

Grammys: I really enjoyed the Grammys this year Lizzo opened up the show and she did amazing. I always enjoy her playing the flute she is so talented. Another moment I enjoyed was Alicia keys and boys 2 Men that performance really touched my soul.

Goldie: Unfortunately my truck is in need of head gaskets and some moreish, I’m not repairing it. I guess I’m car shopping soon.

CiCi: Baby on board! Ciara announced Thursday that’s she’s pregnant with her third child. I’m so happy for her and Russell, anytime a life is created is absolutely a blessing.

Google: I’m totally in love with Google’s black history month commercial they hit the ball out the park with this one. In case you haven’t seen the video click the link below.

Google’s Black History Month Commercial 💕 💕 💕

Until Next time!

Friday Mood

Whew, I’m delighted that Friday is here, is it me or did this week drag? I have been falling asleep early and just working working working so with that said cheers to Friday and a glass of wine.


Summer Walker: The 23-year-old’s record became the most-streamed album by a woman R&B artist ever, breaking the record Beyoncé set with 2016’s Lemonade. 

Wine fest Recap: Me and my friends had a ball granted it rained cats, dogs and maybe aliens hehe but we danced in the rain literally.

Rhythm and flow: This is my show I really underestimated it. If you haven’t checked it out thank me later. My favorite from the show is D-smoke.

Ollie’s Deals: They have Adidas hoodie jackets for $25 🏃 🏃 🏃

I-heart Radio: This weekend only you can preview they’re All–Access music subscription for free so go enjoy listening to what you want when you want.

Until next time -Koko- ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Friday Mood

Hunters Moon: Last weekend we all had a chance to experience the most gorgeous view of the moon it was dark orange followed by a deep yellow and then a crystal white. I’m definitely an astrology girl.

New Clutch: Babe got me a new Steve Madden clutch Wednesday. That’s one thing I love about him he always does things to surprise me. It’s the little things.

Orthotics Update: I have had my orthopedic pads for about 4 weeks today. I’m walking better with them, still a little pain but a bit better than it was. I will continue to update you all.

Tyler Perry’s Studios: This is such an amazing historical moment not only for him but a lot of black actors/ directors will have work in the near future.

Hollywood tried to shut this man out but be bought his own seat to the damn table.

Autumn Wine Festival: This Sunday I’m going to the annual wine festival me and a couple of my gal pals, we will be sampling all local Maryland wines.

Any weekend plans?

Until next time!!!!

Friday Mood

Happy October Cookies!!!! This week has been long, and hot glad it’s starting to feel like fall today!

Here are some things that had me in a mood this week…..

Birds Prey Trailor

I’m excited about this movie coming in 2020 not only do they have an all-girl cast but my girl Jurnee Bell is in it. She is one of my favorite actors.

Kali And Marley Take 11 Months

My baby’s turned another month on Tuesday. We celebrated with a small spoon of vanilla ice cream.

God Baby Turns Two

Amiah is having a pool party tomorrow, I can’t wait to see her get in the pool and enjoy her gifts and cake!

Nephew Tommy

Tomorrow night I will be getting my laugh on at the civic center I’m excited to see what Tommy is all about on the comedy stage.

Have A Great Weekend!

Friday Mood

Its the first Friday in September and also the last month in which summer ends. I can’t say I’m quite ready for summer to be over yet so I plan on enjoying each day up until it’s over.

Here are a few things that had me in a mood this week and maybe last week too…

Missy Elliot’s VMA performance: Y’all she put her whole foot into that performance anyone who knows me knows I love Missy so, I was definitely hype about the style she brings to the stage.

Rys birthday celebration: We took Ry to Crown skating to celebrate her turning 12 she really had a good time.

Back to school Tuesday: The girls are both in school, Liyah is in the ninth grade and Ry is in the sixth grade I can’t believe how fast they are growing up.

National Folk Festival: Our second year in SALISBURY Md hosting the festival and it seems the weather will be nice this weekend get out and enjoy tons of activities, food and you can even shop local businesses.

Hurricane Dorian: He has definitely left his mark on the Bahamas and the Carolinas I will definitely be praying for those in need and trying to help as much as I can. The Bahamas need any donations anyone can spare.

NYFW 2019: Fashion week started Thursday I believe and I’m here for all the lewks on the gram.

Babies turned ten months: Kali and Marley are yet another month old they are growing just as fast as the kids lol.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Mood on a Saturday

To say the least I’m very happy it’s Friday it’s been a long week and somehow I sprained my foot which I’m bummed about because I’m supposed to go dancing tonight smh.

Here are few things that had me in a mood….

1. Sleep Apnea Update: I need to go back for another test to check on the stress on my heart I don’t wanna go but I’m going.

2. Missy Elliot album: my girl dropped a surprise five track album called “Iconology.” I’m pumped it’s the rapper’s first album in 14 years.

3. Equal Pay Day: Yesterday was black Women’s Equal Payday, as a black women this day is important for me.

4. All-White Party: Me and babe are stepping out tonight it’s been a while. You can follow along on my instagram stories if you follow me there.

Have A Great Weekend

Friday Mood

Hey my cookies! I haven’t done a Friday mood post since I left for the islands. It was really a struggle trying to get back into the swing of work after being on a cruise.

Here are a few things that had me all in a mood this week!

Kali/Marley Turned Nine Months: Every month I get a lil sad, I want them to stay babies forever even though I know that’s not gonna happen. Marley has already gone into heat at eight months I was totally shocked by that.

Hobbs Movie Came Out Today: Y’all know I love fast and the furious so this spin- off is definitely up my alley. Shall we say date night!

High School Open House: Kaliyah had her open house Tuesday. I can’t shake my head at the fact that I have a high schooler WTF ,I want time to stop right now lol.

Even though I’m a lot sad about her ever growing teenager stage, I’m still excited to see her high school journey cause middle school was so last year for her.

Random Customer Gave Me a Gift: My heart was very touched this morning being as though I had a rough start to my day. Anyways this sweet lady in my line asked me if I had kids now I’m wondering why she wants to know but I said yes two girls. She goes in her pocket and gives me a Giftcard to buy some things me and the kids needed. You never know what little things will turn your day around.

Heart Sonogram : Yesterday I went to get my heart checked on the doctor was concerned after I had my last check up. Everything seems to be fine but, I haven’t got the real results back yet I will let y’all know an update next week.

Comment and tell me something that had your mood up and down this week.


Friday Mood

This week was busy busy busy. I’m too excited for the weekend. My weekends have been full this year and I’m truly blessed.

Here are a few things that had me in a Mood this week….

Sudan 🇸🇩 Crisis: I have researched a little on the tragedy, I don’t know a lot but it is truly sad that over a hundred people have been raped, abused or murdered. I pray something is done about this situation.

Obese Mannequin Outrage: Nike’s new plus size mannequin has sparked some hatred especially from Tanya Gold her article kicked off some nasty untrue words. I won’t be reading the trash, On the other hand, I am excited Nike is thinking all around the board. They know it’s all about money and plus size sells. If we want it supply. Good job Nike Air!

Daria Spin-off: I’m super excited about this spin-off most people don’t even remember this show. Although this won’t star Daria it will be about Jodie who is African American girl and it will be voiced and produced by Tracee Ellis Ross who I adore.

Fathers Day: Me and my family will be celebrating on.the beach catching a glimpse of the Air show in Ocean City this weekend. If your still last minute on a gift check out one of my favorite bloggers Jasmine she has a blog post on what to gift your father.

My Kids Graduation: Liyah (Oldest) graduated from 8th grade and Ry (youngest) graduated from 5th grade I’m proud of both my girls and I’m excited to see them go to another school and show them how bright and talented they are.

Until next time ~Koko~

Friday Mood

Slime Pops: when I heard these 90’s style popsicles we’re coming out, my inner child was awakened lol. I have not seen these in stores yet, but I will definitely be on the lookout.

Makeup: I wear a little eye shadow here and there usually when I go on vacation. Now I’m obsessed with liquid eye shadows and lipstick so I will be playing in make- up this weekend.

Summer House: Yall have got to try this restaurant. The service is amazing, the atmosphere is nice, the prices are decent and all the food is fresh and yummy!

Babe had tacos and I had a salad. His tacos were amazing. Summer House is located in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Grilling Season: All this week we have been grilling since the weather has been nice here.

Vacation Mindset: I have only been back for a few days but lord I can’t shake this lazy vacation mood I’m in.

What are your plans for the weekend? What had you in a mood this week?

Until next time -Koko