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D.I.Y Hot Chocolate Bar.

One thing I love about winter is creating a hot chocolate area it’s not only tasty it’s fun and I’m sure it will be the talk of the night. 

What I Used!

Coffee Mugs• Marshmellows

Hot Chocolate  • Butter Finger Crumbles• Candy Cane Spoons • Chocolate Spoons • Crockpot (keep hot water inside) Tongs• Clear Candy Trays • Fake Snow (holidays) 


Assemble all the ingredients in candy dishes, pick a cute spot, add  your ladle on top of the crockpot (To scoop out the hot water.) Last but not least add your faux snow and you will have a pretty nice hot chocolate bar to carry you through the cold winter night.

You can put whatever you like to taste on your hot chocolate bar these were just some of my favorite treats I liked.

Until next time!!!

Harvest Smash

I love to host a good gathering and we are in full holiday mode at this point.

If you’re in charge of bringing something this year make a batch of my harvest smash punch and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Let’s jump into it, shall we?




Organic pear juice

Cinnamon sticks

Spiced winter sprite

Andre’s Dry Champagne

Whiskey glass


Grab your glass and fill with ice

Pour pear juice over ice until the ice begins to float.

Add half a cup of the spiced sprite.

Top with champagne to your liking.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and fresh cranberries.

You could furthermore add in pear slices or fresh rosemary as I did below.

This can easily be made in bigger batches just triple up on your ingredients.

Until next time ~k~

Sisterhood Sangria

This Sangria was a hit at my paint party so I decided to share it with you hopefully it will bring you some joy if you are stuck in the house like a lot of us are with this covid mess.


2 Apples

2 Oranges

1/4 oz Hypnotic

Seagrams ginger ale

1/2 jug Welch’s white grape cherry

1 bottle Castello del Poggio Moscato

1/4 cup Amsterdam coconut vodka


1. Slice up the apples & oranges & add them to your pitcher.

2. Pour in the Moscato, coconut vodka, hypnotic, and Welch’s juice then stir.

3. Top with ginger ale before serving.

(use ginger ale to your preference )

I made mines in a big jug and let it sit overnight for my birthday party. Then I dispensed the concoction into individual jars so they could take them home as to go gifts.

Let me know if you all try this I would love to see.


Stuffed Apple and Spinach Pork Chops.

These chops were the best thing I’ve had in a while they were so good I wanted seconds but I didn’t go back, I promise I used what little will power I had.

Alright let’s jump into it, shall we?


Martinelli’s apple raspberry rosé (For basting) not necessary but that’s what I used.

6 pork chops

2 Golden delicious apples

1 Thai cube (McCormick)

1 stick of butter

2 tbs old bay

pepper (after done give a sprinkle)

2 tbs garlic powder

1 onion

1/2 bag of spinach

10 garlic cloves (pre-bagged and cleaned) chop them up.


If you can let your pork chops marinate overnight with the old bay/ garlic powder mixture it makes for a tender tasty chop.

1. Pre slice up your apples, garlic cloves, and onions

2. Melt the stick of butter along with the Thai seasoning cube in a saucepan, once melted pour butter mixture at the bottom of the baking pan.

3. Take your marinated pork chops out of the fridge and stuff them with your sliced apples, garlic, onion, and spinach.

4. Once stuffed place your chops in the baking pan over the buttered mixture. Pour just a dabble of Apple raspberry rosé at the bottom of the baking pan.

5. Cover and let pork chops bake until tender. (Mines took about forty mins on 350 degrees it will depend on the size of your chops)

6. Baste pork chops every fifteen mins with the apple rosé.

We served ours with a side of jasmine rice and an artisan roll. I didn’t put any extra veggies as the chops were filled with enough.

You can also add cheese which I did to some of our plates.

I hope you all try this dish and don’t forget to subscribe and share this post!

until next time ~K~

Dainty Gangsta Vision Board Event.

A few weeks ago I attended a vision board event and let me say I almost didn’t go my nerves we’re starting to get the best of me (social anxiety) but I paid for my ticket and I truly wanted to meet some businesses minded people so I went and I’m glad I did it was better than I expected.

Llana Horsey is the owner of Dainty Gangsta Bundles LLC. she sells quality grade A hair from deep curly to a loose wave which is my personal favorite. Don’t worry she has straight hair too! This was Llana’s first company hosted event to bring like-minded individuals together and to help us all boss up and get this money.

Llana had banquet tables set up in red, white, and black with everything we needed for our vision boards. There was a cute vintage-like area for photos and she made sure we didn’t leave the event before she graced us with self-care swag bags.

The event was held at Thirst No More Christian Store. It was my first time being inside the building since it was the old Tape World. The owner has it set nice and cozy inside and she has some incredible things in her shop. I love the Mahogany greeting cards and handbags. Go check it out I will attach the business info below.

Not only did we make vision boards we had some very intellectual conversations and I learned so much from each lady I met I even exchanged a few numbers.

Tiffany was our caterer for the event she put nothing but love into that meal. The menu consisted of Bbq meatballs, macaroni & cheese, chicken wings, green beans with hammocks (Whet), and rolls. Can you say full? Everything was seasoned perfectly.

Below is all the information you need!

Dainty Gangsta Facebook page:

Thirst No More Christian Store:

Owner: Mrs. Aquilla

Telephone: 443-358-6106


Owner of Dainty Gangsta

My unfinished vision board.

Catered Food

If you have any questions comment below or if there is any information you want to know please email me.

Until next time -Koko-

Friday Mood

Yeah I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Mood post I just wasn’t feeling it and when I’m not feeling something I take a pause.

Here Are Five Things that Had Me In A Mood This Week…

O-Magazine: Breanna Taylor will grace the cover of O-magazine in all of it twenty years of publications you have never seen anyone on the cover but Oprah Winfrey herself so to give up her spot you know it’s real. That’s how you use your platform.

Netflix: I’m super hype that they are streaming Girlfriends, Moesha and all my old school shows that I grew up on.

Fenty Skin: Rih- Rih has done it again last week she dropped a small skincare line and I can’t wait to try it. She ceases to amaze me with her business mentality.

B 7: Brandy’s new album dropped last Friday and I’m quite pleased with it. This album is extremely needed. It’s therapeutic and with everything going on in twenty-twenty she picked the perfect time to drop it. Two of my favorite songs on the track are “High Heel” and “Bye Bipolar”.

Beach Day: I finally had a real beach day no rushing just peace. It seems as I get older I just want to be a beach bum.

W.A.P. I don’t know I think I got to hype about what the hell I thought this song was about it’s way to explicit for me to play anywhere and I’m not one for these types of songs. I love Cardi B and Meghan thee Stallion and I even like a few things about the video like the old school hairstyles but other than that I’m going be quiet.

Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ and tell me one thing that had you in a mood this week.

Until next time -Koko-

Long Live Friendship 4 tips to strength a friendship.

Friendship is a beautiful blessing especially when it’s genuine. I for one am honored to say I have two wonderful women to call my best friends.

I wanted to offer some advice on what has helped me and my friendships of over 15 years grow stronger.

Communication: Express yourself. You should be able to talk to your friend about anything. If you have to bite your tongue you should reevaluate why you can’t talk to your friend about the situation.

Friend Dates: This is your special time to have that gal or pal time. Go dancing, Swimming or whatever you and your friends prefer to do just have fun and learn things about each other.

Trust: Nobody wants a friend they can’t trust POINT BLANK PERIOD.

Support: Being there through thick and thin, good times, and bad times. Don’t forget to remember birthdays and special moments that mean a lot to your friends.

Long-distance friends can text or FaceTime or Zoom.

Friendships are just like relationships they take time to grow and you have to put in the effort. You make time for what you want and if you want that friendship you will put in the time and steps I have shared with you above.

3 Things I do with my besties to bond with them.

1. Window Shop: We have the best conversations just looking around in the stores and not buying a thing.

2. Annual Christmas Exchange: (Only Us! We get a hotel room and we all bring snacks and beverages all while exchanging gifts. We usually end up reminiscing old childhood stories and watching movies until we fall asleep.

3. Lunch and Beach trips: We stay approximately 27 mins from a major beach so we kinda spend every weekend having picnics on the beach.

Even when we can’t talk, occasionally for weeks the love is still the same as day one.

A Friendship is something you have to grow into you can’t learn it in school you get the best lesson in life itself but I can definitely offer you some advice that has worked for me and my friends.

How long have you and your Bestie been friends?

Until next time ~koko~

Red, White, & Blue Rosé Ice Cubes.

Anything with wine and I’m sold that’s why these easy rosé ice cubes are my favorite thing to serve up in an ice-cold drink and you don’t have to worry about your drink being watered down.


Ice Tray

Barefoot Rosé

Frozen Blueberries

Frozen Strawberries


1. Place your frozen blueberries and strawberries in the ice tray

2. Pour Rosé over frozen fruit

3. Pop in the fridge for about 30 mins to an hour.

4. Serve anytime you need or want!

Quick and simple I always keep some stored in my freezer as I’m always throwing a gathering.

You can do different variations of fruit and wine it’s really up to you.

Until next time!

6 Black Content Creators You Need In Your Life.

With everything going on in the BLACK LIVES MATTER Community I wanted to share some of my favorite black bloggers not only are they black but they are all strong black women who I think you all will benefit from. First, up is…

1. Jehava

She has no problem discussing difficult situations and she shares some pretty amazing food dishes. I stumbled across her Instagram page and I saw how down to earth she was I clicked follow and the rest was history. She doesn’t mind answering any of my questions, and I love watching her and her family travel especially to Disney World.

2. Ireana

What I like about Ireana is she’s down to earth and you really get a feel of who she is on her Instagram page. (She’s my friend in my head.) I love her taste of fashion it’s comfy, cute, and stylish. She’s also the Queen of a twist out, mines never turn out like hers. Be sure to check her out she has so many great qualities and aspects coming up.

3. Sheena

I’m grateful I discovered Sheena’s Instagram page, it doesn’t feel like it’s been a year but it has. I remember when she first announced she was pregnant I was so excited for her and her husband, Little did I know she would be having twin girls Dylan and Harper. (Instagram Auntie over here.) Furthermore, she shares her Truth and Personal Journey with us every Tuesday on her blog. She gives straight facts no chasers.

4. Rosalynn Daniels

This gorgeous wife and mother make’s some of the most unique and appetizing dishes on her blog. Her creativity astounds me. Check out Rosalynn’s Instagram it will make your mouth water. They say if Martha Stewart and Oprah had a baby it would be Rosalyn Daniels she’s that good.

5. Jazzmine

She is truly one of the kind she is a culinarian in the kitchen I think some of my favorite dishes are her baked treats and her sheet pan dishes. She can also serve up a mean drink. Oh and don’t let her look fool you she dances like Beyonce y’all! Definitely check her out if you’re in the mood to make something different and delicious. Here is her Instagram page.

6. Cierra

Cierra knows what she wants and she goes for it. She’s not afraid to try new things, she always makes a monthly bucket list and she usually fulfills most of her list. She inspires me to treat the world better not that I haven’t but just watching her recycle her compost pile is very intriguing to me.

She’s been dating recently and sharing her dating Chronicles on her Instagram page. I think it’s brave of her to share her personal ups and downs of dating with total strangers. BTW I love this picture of her she is glowing.

Man, it was hard to pick just six ladies I have soo many more maybe I will do another list soon. I actually had some of this list typed up in my drafts for months I don’t know why it to me so long to finish i, maybe the timing wasn’t right. I feel like now is the perfect moment to drop it.

I hope you all check these ladies out they all are extraordinary in many ways.

Until next time Koko!

Loni Love Comedy show

Over the weekend me and my mom went to  see Loni Love.

Along with loni was Kristen Tanner the host, she was very funny. She also has a joint podcast with her husband called “And then we had sex.” Which is an amazing podcast. One of my favorite episodes thus far is the one with Damon Wayans Jr.

You have to check it out. I will link her Instagram page here which has all her information on it.

 Comedian Kristen Tanner 

Another talented act who came on before loni was Mike James. Let me tell you he was super funny one of the best acts I have seen in a while. Check him out.

 Mike James (3rd Pick Comedy)

Awesome team 👏 👏 👏 Happy belated birthday again Kristen it was fun celebrating with you.🥳  

Last but certainly not least the headliner of the show Loni. we all know she is hilarious. she had the show turned all way up literally.  Aside from comedy, she has a very good heart you can tell how she was talking throughout the show. 

We couldn’t take any pictures but know next time loni is in town get your tickets she will sell out.

Thank you all for reading until next time