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6 Things You Should Be Disinfecting On A Daily Basis.

Home Doorknobs

Everyone touches them multiple times a day. I make sure to spray ours at least 2 times a day.

Light Switches

We all touch light switches hundreds of times throughout the day. we spray ours every night before bed.

Refrigerator Handles

My kids live in the fridge so I spray the handles once in the afternoon and again before bed.

Bathroom Toilet

The bathroom is a high traffic area I like to spray it down with disinfectant spray at least two times a day.


Our phones are the nastiest things on the planet we set them down on dirty surfaces after touching other dirty areas all day. I like to take antibacterial hand wipes and wipe my phone off multiple times a day as we put our phones to our faces to talk.

Car (Inside and out)

Another high traffic area for almost everyone. My family practically lives in the car for appointments, work, family trips you get the point. I spray our car down once in the afternoon and once before bed so when we can have a clean vehicle in the morning. I deep spray the car from the gear shift to the radio knobs every inch of the vehicle, then I spray the outside handles and the trunk latch.

Of course, there are other things you should be wiping down daily but those are just some of the main ones I was shocked to see no one really thought about especially the cellphone.

Do you clean any of these things?

Until next time Koko

Our Home Sanitation Area.

Hey loves in our home we have always used germ-x and disinfectant spray but every since this corona-virus mess my family has decided to keep a sanitation area close by the front entrance. If and when we do have guests over our home in the future they will be required to sanitize before enjoying our home. (we do it as well)

Let me show you what we have on our table…

Disinfectant spray: We use this for our shoes/ clothes before stepping in the house

Germ X: Guest can get a squirt before coming in.

Hand Wipes: I have harshly dry skin so these wipes help revive some of the softness back into my hands from the sanitizer.

Lotion: wipes and sanitizer can make your hands dry so this will be helpful.

Brown Paper bags: To put our mask in after we come home it helps contain anything on the mask CDC says we also spray our mask with disinfectant before we put it in the bag. Just a light spray you don’t want to breathe in too much. (spray is optional)

Doggie wipes: Our dogs are small and we like to wipe their coat off just in case anything has gotten on them and usually they are a little dusty.

Slippers for the guest: Most of our guests take their shoes off so I bought new slippers for them to walk around in. (we wash the slippers very regular or throw them away.)

Of course, washing your hands is always the most beneficial way to keep germs down but a specific area to keep extra safe doesn’t hurt either.

Do you have a sanitation area at home? If not would you consider one? Comment below and let me know.

Until next time….

Mothers Day Ideas (quarantine style)

Although we may be quarantined home, you can still make Mother’s Day extra special for those you love whether or not it’s your mom, wife, etc.

Home Facial

Set up a section in the house for mom to get a facial, turn on some calming music and make sure you pull out all the things you will need for her facial.

Olay five in one water-activated facial wipes cut up cucumbers for her eyes and face oil. I recommend biossance vitamin – c rose oil it’s lightweight and has a soft rose smell.

Day Party (kitchen style)

Everyone dress up and dance to music in the kitchen, I find the kitchen floor compares more to a dance floor. Play all of mom’s favorite music and let her dance the day away.

For extra fun have a little mini-bar set up with a custom menu mom can select from and you and the family make them for her.

Backyard Journey

Set up the outside tent like it’s her favorite island and act like mom just got off the plane to somewhere she has been wanting to go. Once off the plane (lol) Have her take a seat and serve her some island drinks and seafood. Play some soundscapes of the ocean on your cellphone and let mom relax only peeking in to refresh her drink, clear her meal, or to service any request she may need. (unless she prefers company)

Fashion Show

Have everyone choose a few outfits for the show and set up a runway in the backyard get your camera and tripod to record the family walking the runway. Have mom go last as the special model. The theme is up to your specific family (pajama theme, grass carpet, high- end fashion, etc) just have fun.

Gift ideas

D.I.Y Baskets

Create baskets tailored to your mom or wife add in all of her favorite items also check Doller tree they have an amazing Mother’s Day section.

Handwritten Note

It shows you put in some thought and time to express yourself. That’s the best gift money can’t buy for a mom.

Ole Fashioned Breakfast In Bed

Go all out and serve an eight-course breakfast with a handwritten menu for mom.

Eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit, shrimp and grits, sausage and gravy, French toast, coffee, juice tea, and mimosas. (that’s about eight selections there lol)

If your not able to be with that special person don’t forget you can do any of those activities virtually.

The ideas are endless as long as mom is happy 😊

Any other ideas comment below? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time.

Friday Mood

It’s May 1st eek time is rolling forward and quickly. IDK what summer may hold for us all but I hope everyone is being safe during this pandemic. I haven’t really talked about it much on my blog because I’m sure you have heard enough on every other outlet.


Barefoot Wine: That Apple Moscato is yummy its authentic in taste and it’s only like nine bucks.

Island Margarita: Ha-Ha you thought I was talking about a drink, not I have been loving my bath and bodyworks Margarita candle its always been a staple candle in my home especially around the spring months.

Toll House: Yes the fat girl in me is excited about these mini ice cream sandwiches. One because I never eat a whole one and two if you are a mom you can give your kids a small snack instead of a big ice cream sandwich they won’t finish.

Copycat Recipe: I tried to make Applebees Bourbon Chicken and Shrimp dish and I must say it was a hit in our home my oldest (Kaliyah) even called later to tell me it was amazing.

Copycat Meal
Apple Moscato 😍
Toll House Mini’s

Tell me one thing that had you in a mood this week, comment below.

Until next time…

Earth Day 2020!!!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth day which was celebrated in 1970. Which helps to raise awareness for environmental issues. Even though we are in a Pandemic we still have to live everyday on this planet. We should cherish every day on earth like it’s our last treat it like you would treat your body, hopefully, that’s like gold.

Some things you can do to help make this world a better place.

• Recycle

• Don’t litter (of any kind)

• If you do see trash (pick it up)

• Reduce your ballon releases (Or at least not too often) it pollutes the ocean and animals get stuck in them.)

• Switch your bills to paper-less (most times you throw them away anyways.)

• Donate to organizations that protects species and the habitat.

• Spread the word the more people who know the more we can cut down on plastic pollution and make our world a better place.

Activities you can do to celebrate earth day at home!!!

• Go for a walk (while social distancing) and look for pretty flowers or unique trees or plants in your neighborhoods.

• Plant a mini herb garden beside the house. (A green thumb can come in handy in a pandemic.)

• This Earth Day, try out a cool science experiment to show how different disasters can effect our planet. For example, pour oil into a tub of water to see how difficult it is to clean up and why it’s so important that we keep oil spills from ruining our planets oceans.

• Perform a household energy audit. Focus on things like the electric devices that are left on 24/7 turn them off when not in use and you can save an average of $100 on your electric bill annually. Also check your lamps and light fixtures and switch your bulbs to energy-efficient ones. This is what my family does.

• Stargaze you may see a shooting star or two.

Earth Day Quotes I Enjoy.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” — Native American Proverb


What are some things you do to help our earth? What activities will you be doing to celebrate Earth Day? Comment below 👇🏾👇🏾

Until next time…

Cabin in the woods (part 2)

Today’s post I’m sharing what we did at the cabin


We arrived around 5 pm we unpacked and decided we were too tired to cook. We went into town to a spot called Rancho-Viejo. The food was amazing it was hot, fresh and they give you enough for two meals.

Mango daiquiri
Tequila sunrise
Shrimp and Chicken taco bowl

After dinner, we wanted to grab a few snacks for the rest of the weekend so we went to their local Walmart which closes at 1 am so weird as our Walmart is 24 hrs. (Or was before the pandemic)

After grocery shopping we came back to the cabin and got super comfortable we got the fire pit lit, made some drinks and got into the jacuzzi (no pictures)

That night we even started seeing flurries now I didn’t mind the snow but I didn’t wanna get snowed in but luck was on our side it was only flurries.

We stayed up roamed the house and cut up until four in the morning.


After sleeping in me and my friend Oprah made a quick breakfast because we were exhausted from Fridays turn up. Once everyone was dressed we headed about 40 mins out to Massanutten Resort to go tubing and skiing.

Unfortunately, tubing was sold out we didn’t know you had to reserve spots by the day so our little dream was crushed but Chantel and Marc did get to go skiing. (no pictures)

While they were skiing we went and explored the resort, we wanted to do go-carts but again closed ughh, we did stumble upon this little shop where this lady made and sold literally everything from slushies to painting classes.

Wine slushy (very well blended)

These were the best wine slushies I’ve had in my thirty -two years, this lady knows what she is doing.

Baked Goods

I picked up white chip lemon cookies. After we hung out at the cottage house we found a sky lounge. We played some arcade games and then got some food.

They had a variety of food but they had way better drinks.

Blueberry Lavender Mojito

Wings and Thangs

After the arcade and sky lounge, we hung out a bit and took some pictures and then we grabbed some bbq food from another local eatery to eat at the cabin later. After a busy day, we were all ready to go back to the cabin and relax and chill.


We basically loaded up the vehicles and hit the road home.

Below are some extra pictures

Until next time…

Cabin In The Woods (Part-1)

Happy, spring my friends today I’m sharing me and babes past weekend trip to Luray Virginia.

Front of cabin
Back of cabin

On the back deck, it had a jacuzzi, gas grill and a little sitting area.

It was a three-bedroom cabin 1 1/2 bath with two game rooms. It also had horseshoe and a fire pit outback.

Upstairs Foyer

This was my second favorite area in the cabin just look at that view gorgeous.

Me and Monte’s room

We chose the bedroom downstairs, we didn’t mind the room having twin beds as it was directly across from the game room and it had a separate entrance (Bonus) so we really didn’t have to go upstairs expect to socialize and eat dinner.

Channy and Marc’s room!

I really liked the vanity in this room, their room was the only room upstairs right off from the foyer so they had a remarkable view in the morning.

Cozy game room

Now the game room was definitely everyone’s favorite room it had a pool table air hockey and GameCube in this room.

Game room 2

This room was attached to the first game room it’s utilized for board games and it also hosted the second half washroom.

Living Room

My favorite thing about this room was the fireplace.

Dining room

We really enjoyed having breakfast each morning at this table it’s something special about sitting to the table with no electronics just old fashioned conversation.

I didn’t get a standstill picture of the master bedroom because our friends O and Mont were already set up in the room and I didn’t wanna invade their privacy but I did include a full cabin video tour on my Youtube page Heaven on earth

Part two will be out next Wednesday I will be sharing what we did, what we liked and what we didn’t like.

Until next time!!!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Product Review)

Hey Cookies, I had the pleasure of testing out this tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier complimentary of Influenster all thought are completely my own.

My first impression of this packaging was wow it had marble all over the box I thought the detail was pretty cool compared to the other vox boxes I have received in the past.

Now getting into the moisturizer itself I was actually impressed, It gave me that dewy look I wished for and kept my skin hydrated for hours. Not only that, but the shade was perfect for my skin. I had the shade cacao.

It gave me the no-makeup makeup look, kept me natural-looking and it has SPF 30 in it which protects me from the sun.

I haven’t tried any other brands and as far as I’m concerned I don’t need to I will continue with this brand.

Any questions feel free to comment thank below. Thanks for reading.


Hourglass Airbrush Concealer and Brush Review

Vanish Airbrush Concealer

I love the angled tip on this concealer it gets perfectly in the corner of my eyes. You don’t need much a little goes a long way with this product. I use two dots under each eye and it’s enough to cover completely under the eye. I haven’t had any problems with it creasing on my face. I wore this concealer for 16 hours and it stayed on. It gives you a nice airbrush look that we all really want.

The packaging is pretty and made of glass so don’t drop it. One thing I would say is to try and find your shade they aren’t as melanin friendly as I would like but the shade I got worked pretty good.

Seamless Finish Concealer Brush

Listen I didn’t think it mattered about the brushes you use to apply your makeup, boy was I wrong it matters and this is the brush that showed me I didn’t know shit. The bristles of this brush are very soft on my face and the brush is shaped to get into the smallest corners of your face. It blends effortlessly and leaves that airbrushed look you want.

Now the price point is 46.00 dollars not cheap I know but well worth the investment if you can splurge a little go for it, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. I will never go back to a beauty blender again.

Until next time.


Pretty In Pink Breakfast

Brunch in bed? Why not these delicious pretty pancakes will make the start of your day. This is a quick and thoughtful way to surprise babe with breakfast as well. Sometimes men need a little love too.


Pancake Batter (makes 7 cups):

  • 6 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 tablespoons baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt

Pancakes (makes 6 pancakes):

  • 1 cup pancake batter
  • 3/4 cup milk, or 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter, plus more for the pan
  • Two drops red food coloring
  • Blueberries (3 or 4 per pancake, add in while cooking)
  • Walnuts
  • Powdered sugar (topping)


Put 1 cup of pancake batter into a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, combine milk, egg, and vanilla extract. Beat well Continue whisking the milk while you pour in the melted butter. Pour the egg mixture in the pancake batter and blend to your liking.

Get you a large non-stick pan and set it on medium heat. Add a tablespoon of butter and once the pan is hot the butter will melt, then and only then will you add your batter in (make your cakes the size you want) I made mines medium size.

Once you have your pancake batter cooking add a few blueberries 3 or 4 is fine. (Use whatever fruit you like)

When the bubbles form, flip your pancakes and let the other side cook a minute or two. I usually cook two pancakes at a time, you want the flipping room.

Repeat until all your pancakes are done.

Once pancakes are finished cooking top them with blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, and powdered sugar, that’s how I did mines.

* We had bacon and eggs as well I just didn’t add them in my picture.

* If this is an all adult show you can make Strawberry Moscato floats all you need is Strawberry Moscato by Andre and vanilla bean ice cream. (Picture below)

Strawberry Moscato floats!!!

Until next time!!!!!