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Friday Mood

This is my first Friday mood of twenty twenty-one yeah I took a break and I’m still not sure if I will do these weekly but I felt compelled to share so.

Here are five things that had me in a mood this week…..

Texas Snowstorm: Texas has been without power and water since Wednesday I hope that they get help soon it’s freezing out. I will be praying for Texas as I have been.

BHM: I enjoy my blackness and all history involving being black. Our culture will never be forgotten we are so creative and vibrant. February I embrace my blackness even louder and i try to share knowledge with anyone I can help.

Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold: Two of my favorite actors are in the works of a Talk show. I don’t care what it’s about I’m watching. I’m so glad Tisha is coming back into herself after her divorce.

Valentines Day: I had a wonderful love day Me and babe took a drive down by the beach and got some fractured prune. (Donuts) We enjoyed each other’s company I laughed so much my stomach hurt.

I made him a Porkchop meal with a baked potato and sweet white corn. For dessert, we had chocolate berries made by my daughter Liyah.

Micheal B & Lori Harvey: I don’t care what anyone says they are adorable. I enjoy watching the two lovebirds do whatever makes them happy. I hope they treat each other right.

Happy Friday ✌️Koko!

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