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Friday Mood

Warm Weather: we are finally starting to get some warm weather this week in my neck of the woods. We‘ve had rain for like a month straight. I have been sick as a dog and I’m really excited to get some sun. I think I want to take my kids to the beach this weekend we are a beach family and we have been dying to get outside.

Keisha Cole: this drama with her and AB is a mess. I really don’t know him but he embarrassed my girl by saying he was a player and he wants her off his dick. She knows better to get a tattoo of a guy and you are not together. She needs to heal and focus on her. And has she forgot she is keyshia muthafucking Cole who the hell is A.B.

Kourtney and Travis: This past Sunday officially wed, I’m happy for her to see her growing and glowing. she has been through a lot with Scott and unfortunately it’s too late for him. I can’t wait to see this chapter of her life.

Honey Pot: There was Big controversy this week about honey pot supposedly selling her company and changing up the formula. It was so big Twitter was going off. Bea the owner Took to her Instagram live to make a statement about her not selling her company she still owns it. She did address the changes to the formula. I just wish she informed ppl before hand so they could have made their own decisions.

Airforce Child: My oldest child told me she wanted to go to the Air Force this is so out the blue, she never showed interest in the Air Force so I was shocked. I r hink it’s a good opportunity for her I’m really gonna miss my baby. We got some time but we’re gonna move forward with seeing what she wants to do she wants to be a registered nurse in the Air Force though.

Thanks for tuning in until next time. Koko!

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