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Renaissance Me

Hey, y’all I hope you all had a good week. mines was busy but truly good. This weekend I plan to relax and celebrate my mother’s birthday.

Let’s get into this Renaissance album I have heard many different opinions about the album some like it some don’t that’s expected though if we all liked it I would be worried then.

I love the album I have had a chance to listen to every song. Some songs I do like more than others but I still love the whole album. It’s something fresh and different for Beyonce it’s giving “That Girl” and I’m here for it. This album is meant to have a good time get up and dance enjoy being you have fun who cares!

My three favorite songs on the album are




Have you listened to the album? If so what are a few of your favorite songs? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time Koko.

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